E3. Evan Thayer: Forecasting your Utah Powder Days

E3. Evan Thayer: Forecasting your Utah Powder Days

Utah snow forecaster Evan Thayer takes us inside the world of weather and his cool job with Open Snow.
Talk about finding your passion - snow forecaster Evan Thayer is living his dream! As a kid growing up in the mountains around Lake Tahoe, young Evan just loved to ski. But he was also fascinated with weather. Today, Thayer is truly living out his fantasy job spending his days hopscotching across Utah resorts and his early morning hours bringing you the day’s powder forecast through his role at OpenSnow.com.

Following his time at college in Colorado, Thayer was working as a computer programmer. Then fate stepped in when his wife got a job in Utah. Just for fun, he started an email list among new Utah friends with his daily forecasts. That blossomed to a blog, Wasatch Snow Forecast, then a job at Ski Utah. The rest is history as Thayer spends most of his winter days on skis, doing on-mountain forecasts and keeping an index of his favorite runs.

Tune in to Last Chair to hear Evan’s story and pick up a few tips on what to watch and where to ski or ride.

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